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Alexander Aitken - Sharp Edges


Location and context is an overwhelming condition, of which unpicking can be curious.

I conduct myself as an erratic slime of fantastical automatic drawing and sculpting.

Intentionally slipping into a speculative history of the shadow landscape of folk, magic, religion, city and ritual; remixing truth and fiction, with a taste for violence and lust.

A tapping into the personal and transpersonal collective shadow; the ugly and vulgar parts of the human psyche through the use of personas - experienced and found stories fit behavioural displays, whilst retaining a toe dipped in non-sense in an absurdist and cartoonish re-representation.

A stubborn relationship to the ceramic lexicon - employing a sculptural practice that confronts and manipulates traditions, history, time periods, lore and genre.

I flow blind in the stubborn undercurrents of the homogeneous view.

Alexander Aitken is a ceramic sculptor and draftsperson from Kent who lives and works in London.

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