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Josh Philpott - The Sigil is Subsumed by the City


Collect previous editions from Special Dispensations, vending machine artist residency programme based in Norwich. The first edition is The Sigil Is Subsumed By The City, by Josh Philpott.

Josh Philpott responds to his environment, seeking minor absurdities that largely go unnoticed by the surrounding populace but stick out once seen. These instances are source material which are either directly reappropriated or reproduced through the most appropriate media, then restaged as an artificial absurdity in a public space. Carrying a further intrigue of the artifice of boundaries, his work coalesces into interventions fed back into public or heterotopic spaces, to be encountered by chance as part of a place and interrupt a viewer’s passive experience passing through it. The Sigil is Subsumed by the City is an open edition of stickers made from a photo Josh took of a religious bumper sticker on a parked car down the road from his flat.

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