DUVAL - Overthink


Overthink is a series of works that questions the limits we impose on ourselves, those visible and invisible. In a frank and striking gesture Duval proposes a dialogue all in positivism on this need to let out, to breathe and to let fly what holds us back.

The artist obstructs her visual "facture" by proposing to the observer to create his own interpretation of what is hidden beyond the first glance. In a desire to confront perceptions, Duval highlights the pride of our belief that our senses are in harmony with the world. Destroying the illusion that what we see is what is.

My approach is anchored in a gestural process expressing encounters between opposing elements. Black and white, certainly, or abstract and figurative, movement and rigidity, but also between dark elements of human reality and the tipping point that transforms into a luminous character.
Originally from the Canadian province of Quebec, Marie-Chloé Duval's path is as varied and daring as her work.

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