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Thomas Mayer - tixxu


A series of

"tixxu" means hello in the language of my faulty electric typewriter. Intermittently its letter-layout becomes completely scrambled, along with my thoughts.

Having interpreted and learned this new format, I now share a series of slowly written, self-conscious musings inscribed on the serene pages of a Scandinavian designer furniture catalogue.

Each piece is also an "automatic-collage" (my invention...) which transforms when held to the light, meaning more bang for your buck.

tixxu to you.

Thomas Mayer is a multimedia artist and performer based in Berlin, originally from Newcastle Upon Tyne. His focus is on creating live art performances which integrate music, video, sound, and movement. He graduated from the physical theatre school Arthaus.Berlin where he trained extensively in puppetry, clown, and mime. His relationship to movement informs his embodied and intuitive style of performance.

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