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Orpen & Whyte - Jake Thackray & Other Dead Men


Installed in Special Dispensations in April 2022.

Orpen & Whyte express in their drawings and words a feeling known to the pair very well – the shared kinship of obsession, fanship and adoring love.

Their most recent paroxysm of infatuated worship, for Yorkshire-born wordsmith Jake Thackray, has served as the impetus for a whole swathe of sketches and scrawled sentences dealing with the feeling of shared obsession. Naturally, these pieces take the form of some of their favourite bygone faces; film stars and comedians and singers and other handsome ghosts. Namely Rik Mayall, Ian Dury, Buster Keaton, and George Michael.

Harkening back to heart-adorned sketches in the back of schoolbooks, whispered words in dimly lit bedrooms, and desperately embarrassing tumblr blogs, these drawings embody fan-love and in particular, the kind of love young women have for old men, dead men and forgotten men.

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