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Mouth of Heaven - Missives From Th' Antarctic Postal Servise


Includes a postcard from Mouth of Heaven with a download code for Sick Hundred Sisters' 'A Million Pleasures From Th' Watter On High Every at Once Into My Body I'm Sorry I Liked It I'm Not Scared and I Liked It', installed in Special Dispensations in March 2022

This month’s installation features the work of online tape collective and music label, Mouth of Heaven. MoH (full name: Thee Mouth of Heaven Recording Collective and Pressing of Tongues) is a loose group of musicians releasing artistic sound projects digitally and physically – often through cassette tapes with one-of-a-kind pieces of literature and art. This tradition doesn’t show any signs of dying off, with the label offering up unique postcards along with music download codes.

Spawned by one of the label’s more recent releases by Sick Hundred Sisters, the dispenser is adorned with an aged, old fashioned postal advertisement from a place that never existed.

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