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Louise Ashcroft - Distractions


image by Holly Revell

Distractions is a series of distracted ideas Louise has noted down in notebooks over recent years, and sometimes performs live as a frenetic poem during which these ideas are pulled out of a carrier bag in a random order and shouted out. If you buy one of the ideas, you can shout it out too, if you like. Suggested pondering time for each idea you receive is ten minutes, if you want to get the most from it.

Louise Ashcroft is an artist who tells funny stories through video, performance, radio, bad watercolours and sculpture. Often, her work involves analysing sociological content (like the Argos catalogue, call centres, tech culture, the reproductive industry or breakfast), contextualised by her own personal experiences. Her TEDx talk Shopping and Subversion is available online, and she has made several 'Boring Talks' for BBC Sounds.

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